Welcome to the The New Baby Einstein WikiaEdit

This new Wiki will feature new and updated information about Baby Einstein videos and merchandise, as well as YouTubers fond of the series.

Rules for the WikiEdit

  1. Everything must be Baby Einstein related.
  2. I, Carly Pressman, will allow all YouTubers who are fond of Baby Einstein to add or create pages that are related only to Baby Einstein content. You can also add a page relating to any YouTuber fond of Baby Einstein.
  3. Any information that appears to be incorrect will be changed as soon as possible.
  4. Please be aware that this is my first time actually creating a Wiki, so if anybody can help me that will be great.
  5. In NO WAY will I allow anyone to question me or any Baby Einstein fans whatsoever (unless you're wondering what is Baby Einstein, etc.)
  6. Have fun creating and editing!!!

With love, Carly Pressman Edit

Latest activityEdit

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